Monday, January 16, 2012


Looking back on the past year, I can honestly say I have learned so much about myself. Never did I think I could find someone who loved, cared, appreciated, adored or cherished me every single day and make it past 6 months. Past relationships are a JOKE compared to the relationship that I have with my boyfriend now. He is my soulmate; he is perfect for me in every way and I am so fortunate to have caught his eye a year ago yesterday :) He gets me. He is the person that I want to settle down with. He is the person that I want to be sitting next to 50 years from now. There is not one thing about Nick that I do not absolutely adore. Usually after the first 6 months I have pet peeves about someone, but there is not one flaw on this kid. All I see is beauty. In my eyes, he is flawless. I guess that's how you know you love someone. Not only do I tolerate, but I find HUMOR in all of his habits that would be categorized as gross. Whether it's burping, farting, pooping, or telling me disturbing stories, I think he's a gem. The best part is, he feels the same way about me. He is the BEST boyfriend I have ever seen. He continually supports me and always gives me the satisfaction of knowing he cares. This may just sound like mambo jambo to ya'll, but to me, these are the best days of my life. Since day one with him, I have truly been GRATEFUL. No matter what, I will always stand by him because he has ALWAYS been there for me. He is such a genuine person and I know God has big plans ahead for our life together. I can go on and on about this kid. He is the first person to consistently stay by my side for a year [on wednesday!] I am usually not one for commitment, but for this kid, I would do anything. I would go the extra mile for him. I am not lucky, I am BLESSED by having met him.


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